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Family Shelter Program

Family Promise of Lewis Clark Valley uses a very unique approach to helping families in crisis. We partner with faith-based organizations here in the valley. Those organizations provide the lodging and meals for our guests.  The guests stay in our Day Center during the day and spending their evenings and overnight at one of our partner churches.  The churches provide a homecooked meal and volunteers serve the meal and spend the night with our guest families.  The families sleep on portable bedding provided by Family Promise.  Guests stay in the church for a week at a time and rotate through each of our host sites.

Our Day Center facility allows our families to shower, do their laundry, eat lunch, and play with their children, read, & do homework. It is the home base for our families. Each of our families work with our Social Worker to develop a "Case Plan" that is a set of goals they want to accomplish while in the program. These goals are focused towards achieving permanent housing. Guests are required to find employment if they are physically able to work. They are required to save a portion of their income towards damage deposit and first month’s rent in their future home This is a part of what makes our working model unique. We work to meet our guest’s immediate needs so they can focus on their Case Plan that moves them towards permanent housing. Guests prepare a budget and learn how to live on that budget.  Together with the help of our Social Worker they gain the skills they need to maintain a home. A typical stay is 60 to 90 days and ninety five percent of our guests graduate out into permanent housing.


Once our guests have saved the money they need for damage deposit and first months rent they work to find an affordable place to live.  When they have secured a home, we help them get the furnishings they need to get started.  We collect donated items for the guests and we put out a needs list on our Facebook page when guests are getting ready to move.

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